Yoia ヨイア

Yoia happy - Xocololo


The younger sister of Xoco and her best friend, Yoia is 7 years old, likes learning math and sciences; enjoys playing with Xoco, Uz and other friends around town, sometimes pushing the boundaries of danger as the risk-taker she is. Yoia and Xoco live with their grandparents because they lost their parents in an accident when she was five.


When she grows up her dream is to become a successful businesswoman; learn as much as possible.


Positive Traits smart / competitive / ingenious / risk-taker
Negative Traits stubborn / bossy / jealous / very competitive / sometimes reckless
Family sister of Xoco / orphan / grandparents Mani & Mino
Places of Birth & Living born in Tazii / lives in Lolo

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