Xoco チョコ

Xoco astronaut - Xocololo


A very lively 8-year-old girl from Lolo, Xoco is often leading her friends to interesting situations and thinks everything has a solution; Xoco loves being with her best friends Yoia (her little sister) and Uz during the day and reading books in the nighttime. Xoco and Yoia live with their grandparents because they lost their parents in an accident when she was five.


Being an astronaut and teacher when she grows up; travel the world; improve her community; keep her friends forever.


Positive Traits creative / inventive / leader / talkative / joyful / sassy
Negative Traits bossy / mischievous / volatile
Family sister of Yoia / orphan / grandparents Mani & Mino
Places of Birth & Living born in Sanji City / lives in Lolo

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